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Manuangte is one of the official cash loan providers that complies with the legal provisions in Indonesia. This online loan is under the a financial servies, which has an office in South Jakarta and has been registered with the financial services. Manuangte provides a solution to the financial problems faced by Indonesian society today. By providing easy conditions, anyone can apply for a loan as long as it meets the specified conditions.

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You can browse around here our payday loans, they are one of the most trusted cash loan services. With a fast process and easy conditions, this loan fund offers convenience for anyone who needs a cash loan. To be able to borrow funds from Manuangte, there are several conditions that must be met, namely Indonesian citizens aged 21 to 65 years and already have a job or income.

In addition there are several documents that you must prepare to be able to apply for a cash loan in Friends, self-portrait, salary slip or business permit, bank account number, email and an active mobile number. The more complete documents you have, the faster your loan application process will be approved.

Cash loans for friends are only for those of you who are domiciled in the cities of Indonesia. The amount of cash loans that you can submit is limited to between 1 million and 3 million rupiah. You can increase the cash loan limit as long as it meets the requirements submitted by Manuangte. You can specify your loan due date with a maximum return of 20 days.

Approval of submitting a cash loan will be processed no later than 3 × 24 hours after you submit your loan application. Customer service Friends will contact you if your funds have been approved. And after that the cash loan will be immediately disbursed to the bank account that you registered. For the due date of the refund, customer service will contact you 3 days before the loan is due.

How to Apply for a Cash Loan at

How to Apply for a Cash Loan at

To apply for a loan at Manuangte there are two ways you can choose, namely to submit funds through the web or through the Manuangte mobile application. You can download this application for free on playstore or app store. The existence of this application will make it easier for you to apply for cash loans whenever and wherever you are.

The steps for applying for a cash loan at Manuangte are as follows:

  • Open the official website or the Manuangte mobile application then click the “Submit Loan” button
  • Then you will be directed to the loan fund page. Fill in the amount of funds you want to borrow and determine the maturity of the loan. The friend’s calculator will calculate the amount of the loan that you have to return.
  • Read the terms and conditions for borrowing funds, if you agree, click “I agree with the loan terms”
  • Complete the loan application form completely and validly such as information about e-mail address, telephone number, KTP number, and others
  • Wait until your cash loan proposal is approved. Customer service Money friends will contact you within 3 × 24 hours
  • Your loan will be immediately disbursed to the bank account you registered

How to Pay Cash Loan at

Three days before maturity, customer service will contact you to remind you of the cash loan payment limit. Do not let you exceed the payment limit because there will be additional funds that will be charged to you, the amount ranging from 10,000 – 50,000 rupiah per day. Money friends also make it easy for you to extend the payment due to certain conditions. For more information, you can contact Manuangte’s customer service.

How to return a Manuangte cash loan is very easy and safe. You can make a payment by transferring funds to the Manuangte account virtual number. You can transfer via ATM, Mobile banking and Internet banking. If you have finished making a transaction, do not forget to save or receipt photos as proof of payment.

Customer Service at

Manuangte as one of the cash loan providers provides the best service for you to make it easier for you to apply for a cash loan. One of the conveniences that you can get on Manuangte is the CS service that you can access via social media sites.

Cash loan service Money center based in South Jakarta with an office address at Indonesia. This cash loan service is legal and in accordance with applicable legal provisions in Indonesia.


The process of applying for cash loans at Manuangte is very fast and safe. There is also a mobile application that can be downloaded for free. The amount of funds you can borrow ranges from 1 million – 3 million rupiah with a maximum maturity of 20 days. Pay attention to the maturity you choose so you can repay the loan on time and not incur additional costs. Loan funds will immediately run up to a maximum of 3 x 24 hours.


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