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If you urgently need 900 euros, you can take the credit line, but this is not always cheap, as it will be charged high interest. A good alternative is the 900 Euro loan from Good lender. If you want to borrow 900 euros from Good lender, you can get the loan with the express option on the day of your application. The loans of Good lender are characterized by short maturities. The annual percentage rate is 13.9 percent, regardless of the credit rating. Since the maturity is only short, the interest only accrues over a short period of time. New customers can apply for a loan of up to € 500 from Good lender. If the loan was repaid on time, the customer counts as an existing customer. He can apply for a loan up to a maximum of 3,000 euros, and he can also borrow 900 euros. While new customers can choose terms of up to 90 days, existing customers have the option of choosing terms of up to six months.

Reasons to borrow 900 euros

Reasons to borrow 900 euros


There are many reasons for the 900 Euro loan. A common reason is a short-term financial bottleneck , such as when the employer does not pay on time. Also, an urgent repair on the car, a broken washing machine, a broken TV or the fulfillment of a wish that can not wait speak for 900 euros to borrow. Good lender is characterized by fast and unbureaucratic lending . Even applicants with a medium credit rating can apply for a 900 Euro loan from Good lender. Good lender specializes in short-term, low-lending loans. Demand for credit has risen sharply in Germany in recent years. The loan amount awarded in 1991 was still at about 695 million euros, so the loan amount granted in 2017 was already about 1.192 billion euros.

Various motives for a loan

Various motives for a loan

A common reason to borrow $ 900 is a financial bottleneck. If the employer is in arrears with the payment of wages or salaries, the current expenses such as electricity, gas, water or the Internet must still be paid. The quick 900 Euro credit can help.

If the car, which is needed daily, broken, a repair is urgently needed. If there is no money, the car owner can borrow 900 euros from Good lender. Even a damage to the house, such as a broken window or roof, urgently need to be repaired. The loan of 900 euros can help.

Requirements for the 900 Euro loan

In order to borrow 900 euros from Good lender, not many requirements have to be met. Within a few minutes, the application can be made.

Documents for application

If you would like to borrow 900 euros from Good lender, you will need an identity card and an income certificate to check your creditworthiness. How to apply:

  • Fill in the application online and submit it
  • Wait for answer from Good lender
  • When making a commitment, submit documents online to Good lender
  • Perform identity verification in the WebIdent procedure
  • Wait for payment of the loan.

As an alternative to the WebIdent procedure, the identity can also be verified by the PostIdent procedure. However, it takes longer for the money to be paid out.

Who is eligible for the loan of 900 euros?

Who is eligible for the loan of 900 euros?

People with a place of residence and a bank account in Germany , whose monthly income amounts to at least 500 euros , are entitled to the 900 Euro loan. The applicant may not have made a sworn statement in the last three years prior to applying for the loan. There must be no arrest warrant against him. Even a lawsuit may not run against the applicant. Good lender secures the lending and checks the creditworthiness of the applicant . Another requirement to borrow 900 euros is to list the borrower as an existing customer. He must have already applied for a loan of 500 euros and repaid it on time.

Additional options to 900 euros credit


Borrowers can borrow 900 euros from Good lender and upgrade the loan application with additional options:
The bonus + package can be booked and increases the chances of getting a loan. It is suitable for applicants who have no chance of a loan in a traditional bank. The banks check the creditworthiness and award a Schufa score. With a Schufa score from A to C, chances of getting a loan are good, while a score of D looks worse. Applicants with a score of D or worse can book the Boni + package as a credit rating. A fee is only charged if the loan is actually granted.
With the express option , the customer can receive a quick payout.

If the documents arrive at Good lender by 3:00 pm and the identity check is done via WebIdent, the money will be paid on the day the application is submitted. By cash transfer, the payment is possible within 60 minutes. With the installment option the standard term can be extended from 30 days to 60 days and the repayment of the loan can be made in two equal monthly installments. Existing customers can choose the 4-6 installment option and increase the term to up to six months. The repayment can be made in up to three monthly installments.

Costs and interest on the loan


Good lender is characterized by favorable terms for the loan. If you want to borrow 900 euros, you can trust that there are no hidden costs . The borrowing rate is 13.9 percent. Since the annual percentage rate also stands at 13.9 percent, there are no additional fees . The interest will be charged regardless of the applicant’s creditworthiness. For new customers and for existing customers, the same interest applies. The debit interest stands for the actual cost of the loan. The effective interest rate includes the borrowing rate and any additional fees. At Good lender such fees are not included. Extra options can be booked for a surcharge.

Answers to common questions

Answers to common questions

In which period does the eradication take place?

The default repayment period is € 900 for 30 days. The eradication is also possible within 15 days. If you want to borrow 900 euros, you can extend the duration to 60 days and choose the 2-rate option. Existing customers can also choose a term of up to six months and repay up to six installments.

Is it possible to extend the term?

An extension of the term from 30 to 60 days is possible. The repayment is then in two installments. In the case of an unfavorable financial situation, the customer can apply for a deferral of the loan for a fee and extend the term.

When will the payment be made when the Express option is booked?

If you book the express option and want to borrow 900 euros, you can receive the money on the same day. The prerequisite for this is that the required documents are received by Good lender by 3 pm and that the identity check has been completed by WebIdent . Payment is by flash transfer within 60 minutes. However, it depends on the borrower’s house bank when the money enters the bank account.

With the help of the loan calculator to the goal

Good lender’s website contains the loan calculator , which provides a detailed overview of the amount, term, interest and cost of the loan . With a slider, the claimant can set the loan amount and the term to see the interest and the total cost of the loan. Several variants can be played through. Click on “Apply now” to go directly to the application.

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